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Pre-Holiday Information

Now that you have booked your holiday, and some of the family will be spending time with us at Jack Frosts, we hope that you will find the following information useful


On your day of arrival in the resort a member of staff will call at your chalet/apartment to meet the children and ask you to complete a profile for each child with information about their needs and routine, and to clarify arrangements for the following day.

Whether you are using the crèche or in house service - the first morning is often a bit unsettling for all concerned. We encourage a parent to stay around for a half hour or so - this generally helps the child settle in. Parents often telephone mid morning (bring the mobile!) or call in at lunch time - should your child be very distressed we would contact you.


We keep a personal profile for each child, where their normal care and developmental stage as well as any special needs, diet, allergies will be recorded - you will be asked to complete and sign this. This profile will also contain emergency contact details.

We also keep a daily diary of the days events and activities and parents are welcome to read this at any time. Staff will also give you verbal feedback about your childs day.

Health and Safety

If your child has any special health needs or concerns please discuss this with a member of staff on arrival. Should your child require any medication during their time with us, there is an administration of medicine form to be completed and signed by a parent.

We will not knowingly accept into the crèche, a child who has an infectious disease, however we appreciate that winter coughs and colds are just par for the course for children.

In the event of any untoward incident occurring, you will be informed and requested to countersign a record of the incident. Should the necessity arise, we would endeavour to contact you. Please note that the safety of the children is our priority, and we have written guidelines, which are of course accessible to parents.

If neither of the childs parents are collecting , please inform us in writing at the beginning of the day - or by telephone before collection time.

Child Protection- the childrens welfare is of paramount importance, consequently all our staff have been subject to Enhanced Disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau. Likewise should staff have concerns about a child in their care they have a duty to report this to the appropriate agency.


Whilst at the crèche or with a Jack Frosts nanny, your child will be treated with respect and their individuality acknowledged, taking positive account of their gender, culture, age and ability.

Whilst promoting and encouraging positive behaviour, a childs unaceptable behaviour will be challenged, with every effort made to discourage disruptive behaviour. Should disruptive behaviour persist staff may feel it necessary to discuss this with you. On no account is corporal punishment allowed by any staff member.


Lunch consists of a light meal such as baked potato and beans, hotdogs, or soup, followed by fruit and yoghurt. There are morning and afternoon snacks of juice and biscuits. Please provide your own jars of babyfood - we can supply a soft toddler diet.

If your child has any special dietary requirements ie for health reasons please advise us in advance of arrival in the resort.

Strong likes or dislikes can be indicated on the childs profile chart -while we will endeavour to take account of these, I'm sure you will appreciate when catering for a group of children it may not always be possible to provide an alternative to the planned menu, but there is always bread/toast, cheese, jam etc available.

What to bring

We have a wide range of suitable equipment - cots, buggies, backpacks, highchairs for use at our chalet, or for the in house service. If you are in any doubt about what you need to bring please give us a call.
There are several large supermarkets in the area, where nappies, wipes, milk formula etc can be bought.
For babies and toddlers, please leave their changing bag, so that we have nappies (not supplied) and a change of clothes should they be required. If you have an in house nanny you may be happy indicating where in your bedroom these things can be found.
Footwear: indoor shoes or slippers. Waterproof boots for play in the snow.
Warm waterproof jacket, hat and gloves.
Sunscreen is another necessity - we apply it liberally even in cloudy conditions.
Sunglasses or goggles are a must - even for babies, as the combination of bright sunshine and reflection from the snow make it very uncomfortable for children to be without eye protection.
Calpol - never leave home without it! A childrens preparation of paracetemol (doliprane)can be bought in the pharmacist.
If your child uses a particular cup or beaker, you may want to send this with them.
A favourite toy, blanket, book can be very comforting to a child in a new and strange environment.


As part of staff development, and in order to maintain our high calibre of staff, several of our staff will be undertaking the NVQ Childrens Courrier programme. This involves regular assessment by our managers and also from Training for Travel, who act as verifiers. You will be informed if any external assessor will be visiting while your child is at Jack Frosts.

Quality Assurance

We welcome any feedback from our clients, and would be grateful if you could complete our customer satisfaction form, which will be distributed in resort.

This is not an exhaustive list of information, and you may well have questions unanswered - if this is the case, just call or email us, we will be happy to answer your query.

We look forward to seeing you in the portes du soleil!

Childcare in the Alps

Jack Frosts Offers childcare in Morzine and Champery which is located in the Portes du Soleil of the French & Swiss Alps. Morzine offers in resort childcare and in Champery we have the Kids Club Creche
Childcare in the UK
Made to Measure childcare can now provided all over the United Kindgom. Please click here for further information.
Pre-Holiday Information
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